the project

The digitization of historical documents is becoming increasingly important as our world becomes more and more dependent on technology. One cannot ignore the benefits that technology provides history. This project is being completed in the attempt to preserve the history of a small rural town in North Carolina called Franklin. The small town is full of history and wonder and as a result, leads to some very interesting tales.

This collection was built with two web-publishing platforms, Omeka and WordPress. The former gives the photographs, their exhibits, and their collections their structure and allows them to be searched by using tags. The latter enforces structure and makes pages easier to maintain through collaboration.


Carrie Stewart

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship has provided the opportunity to dig deeper into this history and not only explore it, but also create a collection to preserve it for years to come and create a conversation about digital preservation. This digital collection–filled with photographs and audio– will give people the chance to see a small town that is rich in history and tradition.

My inspiration for this project lies particularly in not only my love of history, but my love for my family. The ancestor that has been the focal point of my previous genealogical research is my great-great grandmother, Carrie Stewart. I have always been interested in genealogy and expanding that interest to utilize my skills in technology has culminated into the website that you see here. Being able to put together such a collection has allowed me to showcase Franklin’s history and the history of my people. I hope that the project will encourage collaboration on the history of the town, its people, and especially its forgotten individuals.

This project was made possible (in part) by support from the Office for Undergraduate Research at UNC-Chapel Hill.

This project also would not have been possible without the assistance of the following individuals and organizations:

  • Ricky Parks
  • Gerald and Shirley Parks
  • Professor Tim McMillan
  • Sue Waldroop
  • Margaret Ramsey
  • Josephine Burgess
  • Mary Ann Sloan
  • The Macon County Public Library
  • Mary Chavis
  • Carrie Harnetha Purvis
  • Sandra Barksdale
  • Barbara McRae
  • Holly Smith