interview with Barbara McRae

I met with Barbara McRae on June 27, 2013. Barbara was the editor of the Franklin Press, the local newspaper for Franklin and although not a native of Franklin, NC, she enjoys learning about the town’s history, specifically that of the African American community. Now she works as a freelance writer and still does research. She was a very pleasant woman to talk to and was eager to share her research and interview experiences. She takes a certain care with her research that truly shows that she cares about those she interviews and the families associated with those interviewees.

Barbara McRae on how she got interested in history in Franklin:

Barbara McRae on how she got started researching African American genealogy in Franklin:

Barbara McRae on my great-great grandmother, Carrie Stewart:

Barbara McRae on Eddie Ray’s family:

Barbara McRae on Emilus Siler, a slave of the Siler family:

Barbara McRae on Viola Lenoir, the Addington family, and Bob Sloan:

Barbara McRae on Callie Obey Addington, Viola’s mother:

Barbara McRae retells a story that was told to her about an unknown family: